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  1. Not all videos go for 20c. I had the same video earned $1.15 and $15.80. I have no idea why. I have the same videos on SS as on P5. I have had only two videos downloads at P5 last two months compared to several at SS. Overall my SS revenue was much higher than P5.
  2. Yes, it seems to be quite unpredictable. It can vary from $0.20 to $25 or more and it's hard to work out the reason for it.It can be very disappointing. It's possible that in the long run you might get a higher revenue from the same clips.
  3. For some people privacy is a big issue. I am asking a friend to sign a property release form but they are very concerned about their privacy. They don’t want their name and address to become known to anyone who might download that clip. When someone downloads a clip that has a model or property release attached to it, can they request a copy of release/releases associated with it? I tried looking in the knowledge base but couldn’t find the answer. Does anyone know? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Doug. I appreciate you taking time to look at my portfolio. I’m on a steep learning curve and just a beginner when it comes to the world of sock videos. So, thank you for taking time to give me a very helpful advice about my portfolio. Much appreciated.
  5. It can be random sometimes, I agree. I had only one out of eight videos rejected this week, after a long time, and in some ways I can see why it might have been. But then I didn't submit as many as you did. It could be that they are trying to up the quality of submissions, video cameras are getting better all the time. So, they can be more picky. That's my wild guess...
  6. That must be very disappointing for you. I am sorry to hear that. BTW, what do SOD and EL stand for?
  7. That's precisely where the mystery lies for me Dough. I can control the technical quality of a clip and ensure that the metadata is good but to me 'good subject matter that is in demand' is a complete puzzle and I might not be alone I guess. How does one ever find out! I can understand filming ducks, trees and flower might be of total waste of time. Any topic that SS is saturated with is also not worth attempting. Please forgive me for being naive, I have a big L plate on in this field.
  8. I joined SS in October 2020, eight months ago. My video collection is now just over 170. The downloads have been very slow and have been earning earning pathetic amounts per download most of the time, though not always. I am totally new to stock videos and am, on a steep learning curve. Some 'wise and experienced' contributors here say that I should aim for high end customers and that makes sense but I have no idea how to create unique contents. Today I got an email form SS telling me that I have reached Level 2. Will this make a big difference to my income? Only time would tell. What's b
  9. Yes, I think the black & White version is so much more impactful. We don’t see b&w footage much these days. Seems like we are missing out on something.
  10. I have had a similar experience with my Sony A7R3, continuous AF/Eye recognition can slip occasionally. I love the Sony 35mm f1.8 though it suffers badly from CA at the edges when I shoot stills, I always have to correct it in post. Though not so noticeable on video. Thankfully, SS haven't rejected my video clips due to CA so far. BTW, I have watched your video three times and every time I love the choreography of the camera movement. I should try shooting at 120fps though my BMPCC 6K will only shoot in 2K at that frame rate.
  11. Yes, I learnt that technique some years ago when I began work as a photo journalist, gauge people's reaction and then gradually move in. If in danger use your sixth sense and fly if necessary... It worked very well when I used to shoot in multi-racial street markets in London. Like you I still work the same way when filming. Did you use face recognition in continuous AF mode on FX6 as on wide open Continuous auto AF is critical? That's something I can't do on BMPCC 6K as it is very basic and has no such features though I love the shallow depth of field the excellent braw image quality it
  12. Absolutely beautiful and very evocative video. The camera movement is really brilliant. I loved the whole movie. FX 6 is a fantastic camera and has inherited a number of features of Venice. Thanks for sharing. BTW, what lens did you use to film this, prime or zoom? it seems that your subjects were fully aware that you were filming them. Of course shooting at 120 FPS and then slowing it down smooths out any imperfections in the camera moves. I suppose in the end it depends on what kind of project it is for. For an obs doc you might be required to shoot at the normal frame rate
  13. I often use a monopod with three feet at the bottom (made by three legged thing) to steady shot when I am out and about and it does a pretty good job. It folds away nicely and is easy and portable to carry. Who knows which passer by (not concentrating where they are going) might trip from my tripod, which might create a big drama...
  14. Yes, I have the similar kind of limitations on my BMPCC 6K. That's why I resort to housing it in a SmallRig cage and use a bright Atomos Shinobi with it, not ideal when pretending to be an amateur in a public place! Out of interest Doug, what percentage of your shots are handheld when shooting with your Panasonic in a public place? I find that DaVinci Resolve does a pretty good job in stabilising the footage when I shoot handheld.
  15. I often shoot with my Sony A7R3 with Canon 24-105mm f4 lens and if I don't go above ISO 160 I don't get any rejections on the technical grounds. The biggest advantage of a small camera is that it doesn't draw too much attention when working in public places, as I often do, even when it is on a tripod. For night or low light shoots in public places I stick to BMPCC 6K without the cage. Easy to carry on public transport and relatively light-weight too. It works for me.
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