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  1. I think Doug not many of have access to places that you have had. The reason you are getting high end sales could be because you have unique contents in your collection. A big chunk of your Top Videos consists of space technology and most of us don’t have access to that. If you don’t live in the capital city, industrial town, near a sea port or close to a space centre then you have a definite disadvantage and your portfolio will reflect that. I have come to realise that where you are located has a big bearing on what you can shoot. Another option is to travel but that costs money and ther
  2. Yes, we all share your frustration. Out of interest which sites do you find most productive for videos?
  3. I had only one DL - $6.33.
  4. Commiserations. You might have have many companions you never know!! BTW, why have you hidden your portfolios from other contributors? Would love to see your talent.
  5. Thank you Linda and Sari for your time in answering my question, much appreciated.
  6. I am really puzzled about the payments I receive for the video downloads. So far they range from $0.81 to $12. Unlike for stills, it doesn't say whether they were subs downloads or on demand, or anything else for that matter. It's really puzzling. I would appreciate some transparency here but, may be, I am asking for too much from SS. Another agency gave me 40% of the download value I had set but the downloads are much lower there.
  7. Angela, codecs make a big difference to the quality of a video. The more the video is compressed the smaller the video file size and more chances of rejection. High compression can create all kinds of technical issues in the video. So, if you are exporting in H.264 format then export it in the highest quality settings. I know that will mean bigger file size and longer upload times but it's right to offer the best quality you can to your customers. Having said that, when I get less than a dollar paid for the download of a video clip then it can be very disheartening....
  8. You are doing the right thing; try exporting in ProRes and resubmit. I know this will create a large file size and uploading these takes time. Let me know how you get on.
  9. Yes, we all feel we are being paid pittance for our time. BTW, what camera & ISO are you shooting on? Are you exporting in ProRes? Are these rejections recent? I have not had any problems but then, I have not uploaded a video for a week.
  10. I agree. I don't know how they work out the payment of such a small amount to the contributors. I also received a pathetic little amount for one of my video clips. On the other hand P5 has been static for me. Have you discovered other agencies that are better? BTW, enjoyed looking through your very interesting video portfolio. Great collection. I was told never to use zoom on video clips but obviously you seem to be using it a number of clips in your collection.
  11. That's good to know. Will give it a try.
  12. Also, shoot the clips with minimum compression. The same on export - ProRes or Photo JPEG with 90% -95% compression. I don't get any problems then. Let me know how you get on.
  13. Yes, I agree. Re-uploading videos is an absolute pain. I now don't shoot above ISO 200 on my Sony A7R3 (with Picture Profile off) and above ISO 1200 on BMPCC 6K. But that is not the only problem. Last year I got some rejections because it was a video clip of Tamarisk tree with branches moving with the wind. AI couldn't didn't like it and saw rolling shutter on it. It was shot on an expensive Sony PXW-Z280. So, there isn't always a logic to it.
  14. Not in the caption but in keywords. I will try including it in caption. Do you think that the AI will be able to read that?
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