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  1. I've searched and downloaded from Shutterstock for over 10 years. Keyword spam is the number one issue with Shutterstock. I'd estimate at least 15% of results are keyword spam - after extensive filtering of search results. I've even added 6-10 "exclude" terms only to find images that contain nothing even remotely related to my search. For instance, try this search that should result in at least a few images of several isolated vehicles viewed from overhead: isolated cars top view overhead exclude: images with people exclude terms: truck, motorcycle, side, shoe, commercial, bus, lorry
  2. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Allen, I'm a designer and illustrator, working in the field since the late 90s and self employed since 2005. I've used Shutterstock since around 2006 for a client who had an account for her one-man design firm, and later on, I joined SS on a high volume subscription. I have enjoyed the convenience of your art as a starting point for many of my design work over the years. Most of what I use is vector art I can go on to shape and tweak into other things, and almost none of the art I use looks like it did when I started. However, this has been the singl
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