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  1. Many thanks to everyone for the advice in this thread. I started changing my keywords and found that there is some misunderstanding. English is not my native language, so my problems may be commonplace for you... 1. landscape I wrote this word not as "scenery", but as "horizontal". Landscape / portrait I add in every photo. Shouldn't this be done? 2. Common words are also sometimes useful? For example, for the query "tenacious animal" my beetle is shown on the first page, "few birds" - flamingos, "fisher birds" - egret. Although ... there are no sales for these photos. 3. Sh
  2. Thanks, Doug, for the advice. I will follow them. Why is this duplication necessary? Isn't this just a waste of the number of keywords?
  3. Thanks for the answer. Could you please explain how it works - "tacking on some irrelevant keywords just to fill space will actually reduce sales"?
  4. Maximum keywords 50. Many (and I) do this. But is it right? Some stocks recommended only 15-20 keywords. If more, then "these will actually hurt your ranking". Shatterstock doesn't write like that, but maybe... I try to attribute words to each photo by groups (for example): What, Where, Act, Emotion, Amount, Colour, Environment, Age etc. But the result (financial) does not please me at all. Maybe my approach to keywords is wrong?
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