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  1. Approved footages are still not visible in my portfolio after 20 days By olfoxy How do I submit a small copy of one of my images to a competition I was invited to without shutterstock branding on the image for a published ad and review. www.nomnomnow.one
  2. Select Start > Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language. Pick "add a language". Select the language from list of supported languages. myaccountaccess
  3. Low ISO Settings. To reduce the noise in the image, keep the ISO low. Tripods and Camera Features. It will be of great convenience if you have a tripod. Keep Away From Heat. Are you aware of the fact that your image noise can increase significantly when your camera's sensor is hot? Shoot In RAW. Check The Noise. myprepaidcenter
  4. I have been a contributor for over a month now and i havent got any downloads yet. and curious to know after how many images uploads you got your first download car interior a whole $1.88 US, then another a week later for $0.30. This guy seems to be another thief, that (Hawaii) pic left of the fall . visit official website
  5. It's more important to shoot RAW, if you do this then the world is your oyster when it comes to post processing, including turning a colour image to b&w. Shapes, Textures and Lines – If your composition includes lots of well defined shapes and textures then you should consider trying black and white. TargetPayandBenefits Login
  6. If you have no unpaid earnings you can close your contributor account by clicking "Delete account" in your Account Settings, after which you will be asked to confirm the request with your password. We will start deleting your information from our systems. iMessage
  7. Daniel dash is like a tech chimera I find Daniel to be on the lines of vision and wonder man. There both considered Psylocke by Kael Ngu (his second cover for Demon Days: X-Men #1) · visit tellpopeyes
  8. Hi guys, by any chance anyone here has not received and updated payment calculation for the month of april? Any known delays on this or is it just my account? Its the first time that the 4th of the month arrived and my account its still showing last month earnings plus the first 4 days of may any insight?
  9. We offer two types of accounts to meet all of your needs. Choose from a Personal or Business account. If you just need to make purchases and send money to family and friends, a Personal account is probably for you. alaskasworld.com
  10. Because some historical places may evoke a feeling of pride, some make evoke feeling of anger, some may evoke feeling of sadness, feeling of amusement and so on. At the same time, it also depends on the person, his attitude, his perception, his understanding of history, context and so on. www.mcdvoice.com
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