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  1. I use a Canon SL3 (with Canon Macro EFS 35mm lens) for nature stock photography including insects (always moving) and plants (blowing in the wind). I have trouble getting it to focus enough for my photos to be accepted. I have tried different aperture settings to focus more of the picture but I wonder if a lot of it has to do with the camera itself being cheaper? How much does the camera play a role versus the lens? I always have to edit out a lot of noise and take like 100 photos of each thing in the hopes I get one that is focused enough. Would I have better luck with a different camera? For
  2. Maybe change some aperture settings for the bark one so more of it is clear
  3. I love taking nature and insect photography photos (I know what I do is saturated, but it is a fun hobby and this is not just for money) and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to take better photos. By better I mean using the same equipment I currently use (Canon SL3, Canon Macro EFS 35mm) and using the optimal settings for hold and click (no time for tripod or setup) style insect photos. I have tried using aperture priority AV setting and this helps a lot by focusing more of the background and by focusing the whole bug instead of just its head, etc. I still get a lot of rejection
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