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  1. I think you may have submitted all in on time by selecting multiple files. Some of reviewers are rejecting this. To prevent such rejections, you can upload them separately in after approved existing one. So I said my experience...! Thanks!
  2. Some of my illustrations (EPS files) are rejecting with File Processing Error. In this I have seen "There was an issue with processing your file. Please check your file and resubmit". This is happening with only vectors. I need to know what happened to my submissions on Shutterstock. If you have any technical solutions, kindly refer and comment below. Thank You!
  3. I want to create 3D illustrations for Shutterstock. But currently I'm using Adobe illustrator CS6 and they are only 2D illustrations. But I have seen more 3D illustration are on the Shutterstock search. I would like to know what are them ??? I mean software names like illustrator??? Please help me !!
  4. I have become so many downloads every time and, level 3 now but Shutterstock pay me 0.10$ per each download. I think something has wrong. Is is normal or any other error ??
  5. I would like to start new 4K videos for Shutterstock. But I don't have any idea. Previously I have uploaded 100 nature videos but only one sale at least one year. If you have any experience about trending videos category I hope your comment. Thanks!,
  6. I have an old Nikon D5300 Camera. But I need to know, is Nikon 5300 dslr camera good for the general photography like closeup, wildlife,
  7. I have seen several times, my Shutterstock portfolio photos are showing on https://www.stockvault.net/ website. Is stockvault part of shutterstock?
  8. I purchased Nikkor 70- 300 mm AF-P DX NIKKOR f/4.5-6.3G ED VR lens for Nikon d5300 dslr.. but most landscape and other zoomed 300 mm photos rejected due to focusing errors on shutter stock... can you help me to get adjust settings to eliminate this but I’m currently switching on noise reduction option on camera but using 18-55 kit lens all pictures approved... I’m looking your kindly help...!
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