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  1. 如標題,我有一些台灣鐵道歷史景觀, As the title, I have some historical landscapes of Taiwan railway, 像是明天西元2020年12月23日,台鐵南迴線正式電氣化,幹線鐵道全面電氣化, for example, tomorrow, on December 23, 2020, Taiwan Railway South Link Line will be officially electrified, and all the main line fully electrified, 只是電氣化的鐵道通常架設電線桿及電線,影響鐵道景觀, it's just that electrified railways usually erect telegraph poles and wires, which affect the railway landscape, 所以幾年前,我記錄電氣化前的台鐵南迴線景觀,就來分享幾張精選照片: so few years ago, I documented the landscape of Taiwan Railway South Link Line before electrification, and I came to share a few
  2. As title, this is a photo of a group of sheep grazing. Guess where it was taken? https://www.shutterstock.com/zh-Hant/image-photo/1869681796 Guessed it? It’s Nantou Qingjing Farm, in the mountainous area of central Taiwan. Speaking of Qingjing Farm, some people in Taiwan think that using shepherd dogs to drive sheep will scare the sheep, and some shearing staff are rude to the sheep and hope that the farm will stop related performances. What do you think?
  3. Recently,the COVID-19 epidemic has worsened again, and many countries have begun to restrict people from going out,and it is also recommended to avoid traveling abroad. But many people travel abroad for the purpose of visiting historical sites, that being the case, why don't we stay at home and visit the world's historical sites on Shutterstock? So I invite you to share photos of the historic sites you have visited, or photos of the historic sites of your hometown~~ First let me share photos of historical sites in Taiwan: New Taipei City Banqiao Lin Family Mansion and Garden is a
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