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  1. Hey cheers, I'll use FileZilla from now, just testing. Fingers crossed. thanks
  2. Hi , yeah that is just the basic set up, I've done that. Is there any other reason why my upload could be failing?
  3. HI I'm having issue with my FTP, the files almost always fails. I use FTP for other sites and do not have this issue. It's only shutter stock. Here is a picture of my Cyberduck bookmark. Thanks AA
  4. HI folks. Was new to shutter stock, but after having two weeks of totally unpleasant problems i've decided to delete my account and use another stock site. Here are my reasons. (I've contacted help for answers but got nothing back, all help I get sends a link to an answer that just simply sends me to the main help homepage. ) My main aim was to sell some 4k nature footage I had in my library. 1. FTP - The shutter stock FTP is a joke, it does not work. I've tired different connections, and different software, you constantly get logged out half way through a big file. I use FPT al th
  5. Hi, new to shutter stock, but going by some research I have done and seeing some of the other posts on this forums, maybe I wont be sticking around for long. ha. Sounds like SS are horrible and don't care about contribs. But anyway, i'll give it a few months. so i have had 37 video sitting in my Pending folder for well over a week, it says 5 days on the notification. Anyone know why this might be? Cheers. PS, SS FTP is a joke, constantly fails and drops connection. Adobe stock, seamless....
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