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  1. Yes....what's the point? I've just been promoted to level 3 but the money remains the same 10c! Go on to Flickr and use it as your shop window. I think I'll reach my 35$ in about 2030!
  2. Thanks...it helps to know I'm not the only one. I have tried one more despairing time to upload a set (Halloween, so relevant?) but they have rejected all 15 even though they were the same MRFs as the last Halloween accepted. All the response I ever get is the reviewer is having a bad hair day. No more....that's it Bye
  3. I have just been sent an opportunity to respond to a survey from Customer Care. I complained that my 8 recent uploads had been rejected due to a fault with the MRF. I pointed out that 4 images from the same set had already been approved very recently (and had sold 5 times). The response was to try again as some reviewers were fussier than others. So I did....and they came up with fresh excuses to reject them. All I asked was "what's wrong with the MRFs?"!!
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