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  1. @Milo J I guess that depends on how good you are at uploading across multiple agencies! I personally only upload here and Stocksy as I find the other agencies too cumbersome to make it worth my while to spend the time uploading/keywording, so yes for me it is totally worth it (for example I have an image that has sold here 59 times and the amount I've earned from it equates to selling it 3 times at the lowest license fee possible at Stocksy). But if you are uploading your photos across all of the non-exclusive microstock sites it might make more sense to keep doing that so you are pulling from multiple buyers.
  2. @Studio 2 I've been a member of Stocksy since 2014 and recommend applying. It's definitely very difficult getting accepted at this point as they try to keep the membership numbers very low, but if you offer something unique, especially in the video realm it's not impossible. Now in terms of royalties it is far and away much better than any microstock website. The minimum commission you make on a sale is $7.50 and it goes up from there, all the way up to $6000 (I've never had a sale that large, but consistently get ones for $300, $1000, and even the rare $2000). They are also a co-op which means any changes to the operation of the site has to be voted on by the contributors ie; no surprise "hey we're lowering the prices of everything!"
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