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  1. Which might also be with the vast extra cashflow they'll have after this first quarter (which will decrease as the year goes on).
  2. Its amazing! I've literally sold more so far than by the same time in any other January! (The fact ive earned 80% less money is a bit of a problem though....)
  3. Their Q1 announcement is going to be dynamite. Massive increases for all except suppliers! Personally, i still think the medium term plan is bump up the portfolio ready for a sale.
  4. This one was mentioned a while ago - its theft. The images were just blurred previews off stock sites, some you could recover the original watermark. Complaints were made several months ago.
  5. Half (but not all) the problem is the SS "day" cut off is eastern time whereas the actual display is local time zone.
  6. Just think, if you work really hard, get to level 6 (25000 sales) that clip would have earned you a massive 69 cents instead! (This highlights the problem, its not just the levels that are murdering any income - its the fact SS are increasingly selling the final video product for ridiculously free throw away prices and we get a percentage of that) Even 40% of nothing is still nothing.
  7. Yesterday they had a "bad focus day". I got 36/36 rejected. Reuploaded immediately and 34/36 got in. Its a total crap shoot.
  8. Photo and video have different levels. They're not linked.
  9. I suspect it is. Once you start undercutting yourself its very hard to stop. SS clearly has the aim of being the absolute cheapest for all long term.
  10. Is anyone getting video sales for old "normal" amounts? Every one i have is a subscription or web streaming. None of the usual price range ones at all. Have they switched people to new ultra cheap packages?
  11. There is. The T&Cs allow for it and several contributors found that out in June when their accounts got cancelled.
  12. Absolutely impossible to tell on a tiny, forum compressed image like this. Zooming wont help as the resolution is so low any detail has long since gone.
  13. Video sales this month are all tiny subscription values. Add that to the 50% reduction in commission and SS is by far my worst performer. P5 ive sold 1 video so far this year. And have earned 2x my SS video total. Be a little careful about recommending other sites in your portfolio - they cancelled several accounts in June when people did exactly that.
  14. Hard to tell but it looks to me like shallow depth of field (a few stones wide). The AI dislikes anything like this now. We cant really just focus on a small forum image though but im guessing that could be the case. FWIW i just had 36/36 rejected for noise/focus. Images taken within seconds on a different batch last week all got in so its random too.
  15. Its the video sales hammering me. Images work up through the levels relatively rapidly. But immediately losing 50% of video income is bad enough, made worse by almost all my video sales being for crazy cheap $1 or $3 on top of that. Translates to roughly 75% down on last month. Edit:- just did a comparison to last year and im at 25% by the same date of last years earnings. So down hundreds.
  16. Level 5 10c sales smell nicer. They come gift wrapped.
  17. That first 0.10 at level 2 will feel so much more motivating than the 0.10 at level 1.
  18. Admittedly only a week in but AS is currently 4x my SS earnings.
  19. Problem is, you upgrade to the next level, and if most of the sales are subs, you're still on 10c.
  20. Done some basic calculations now level 1 is "completed". RPD for images is $0.21 (down from $1.09 last month!). RPD for video is $10.21 (down from $21 although last month averaged $16). So maybe its a new year blip but so far its significantly worse than i'd even feared.
  21. Not really, you didnt mention exporting and didnt mention what the technical issues where. https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/What-are-the-technical-requirements-for-footage?l=en_US&fs=RelatedArticle if you export using any of those it wont get rejected on technical/export grounds.
  22. What rejections? What modes are you filming in? What camera settings regarding iso/aperture/shutter speed? We're guessing without more details.
  23. Their stock price is going to soar the end of Q1 with their increased earnings from reducing everybody to level 1 payout. Might be sensible to buy now and sell just after that report. You'll earn more than actually selling on SS !
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