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  1. Upload another 1000 or so photos, wait a few months and you'll start earning small numbers of dollars.
  2. Far better off using the Alamy forum on microstockgroup. (But yes, for many users midstock just turned to macrostock. A lot of people are going to go from 40% to 20% on a rolling basis)
  3. The "why" from SS is quite simply. The level change and reset is a way to hugely increase profit, especially in the beginning of the year without having to increase sales or do anything at all. The movement to a percentage based payment is likely the most dangerous long term - it gives them the flexibility to discount, change and offer and of the product for whatever price it wants without having to pay out any more than a simple percentage of that. The video is an example in question, 30$ of a $10 video sale means id get $3. If they want to give that away for $1 i get
  4. I predicted i'd be down 30% or so but am actually down roughly 40% earnings but "selling" more than ever in terms of volume. What I didn't factor in was SS pushing people towards cheaper video subscriptions on top of the new payment structure. Given in Pavlovsky's latest corporate vomit statement he seems to want everyone on subscription i suspect its a situation that's going to get worse as time goes on and packages need to be renewed.
  5. Take some time and consider the best investment opportunities for your riches.
  6. Thats about right, i didnt mention DT which is 4000 and $2.30 so far. Microstock is a bulk numbers game. Just submit to the sites that dont require much or more time/effort and the money comes from lots of sites which AS/SS aside supply nothing more than a top up. Alamy used to provide only 10 or so sales per year *but* each of those sales was for hundreds of dollars. These days its a few dollars per sale. Worth noting this month seems particularly poor right across the board, AS is down, 123RF is down by maybe half each for some reason.
  7. 123RF has about 14,000 images, no video. Alamy 4000 images, no video. SS/AS roughly 15k images and 1.5k video P5 1.5k video.
  8. Thats crazy low for the amount of stuff you have. So far this month i have: 1. SS $380 2. AS $210 3. P5 on $160 4. 123RF on $25 5. Alamy on $4
  9. Before i managed to block FB adverts i was always getting adverts for *my own* images from Shutterstock on my FB feed. Cookie related.
  10. Its a spam post (look at but do not click on the links).
  11. I havent had any such email off adobe oddly (and i have used their PS and other forums before now). I'd be able to work out what triggered it if i do get one as i create a new email address for each company/service generally.
  12. AS search and keywording webinars stated the first 10 have priority (with a slight priority in order IN that first 10). And only applies if you have up to 49 keywords. If you have 50 everything is reduced to equal weighting. Also stated keywords are only massively useful for the first 30 days or so then its more down to clicks and views. Would be nice if SS didn't treat contributors as just an inconvenience and gave some details on how they do it....
  13. The limit has been in for a year now. Its also far far too high and just encourages spamming.
  14. Im only seeing these in Edge not Firefox. Still not convinced its data they aren't ready for customers to see but nobody has noticed yet.
  15. Building far left. Truck logo far right. Possibly arguing the main subject would be a building as well. Editorial is fine.
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