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  1. From memory, Rex comes with its own credit line on an image. DM definitely uses normal SS though - quite a few of mine end up on there for 10 glorious cents.
  2. Simply isnt the case. Ive seen transcripts and (before removed) youtube videos where the people openly say they're using exploits to get the media. The information for how to do it is still freely available if you know where to look complete with howto guides. Several people have engaged these to find out whats going on and the data they've released has also shown the stuff is obtained not via subscription but via direct means. (Remember its still possible to extract the full video url from streaming links a year after the problem was reported etc). Without adding more detai
  3. It's not just the DM though - its on about 15 different unrelated sites in many different countries (not just the same group) all with his SS credit tag. Very unlikely that someone stole it from one place and spread it to all those unconnected users. Ultimately the image is only on Alamy or SS (not social media) so it had to originate from one of those. And all the credit tags say it was SS. This has happened before and eventually the bug got "fixed" for someone who got credited after complaining a lot so its not the first time this has been heard of.
  4. My RPD for video this month on SS is $28. On P5 its $34.....but ive sold exactly 1 video this month on P5. In terms of actual earnings on video this month the difference between the two is many hundreds of dollars.
  5. I dont even bother with the previously submitted box and they still get in. I think its just random depending how big their review queue is at the time.
  6. Next step i'd be sending them direct links and google image search hits showing that image along with the SS/yourname credit that appears. They got it from somewhere and the Daily Mail isnt buying stolen SS images from Pakistanis on facebook - it has legal, paid for accounts. This is entirely SS problem - it came from them for sure. Again, if SS has missed this then how many more is it missing...
  7. Its not the first time its been heard of either - admittedly rate but there are a few forum and MSG forum posts from people with the same. Most people wouldn't know - if an image has ever sold before, as you don't know who bought it, you have no idea if where you're seeing it was from that sale or not. You can only track images for this use if they've never sold. That makes me uncomfortable. I've got a moderately sized portfolio - of the media thats sold, most have sold 10s or hundreds of times. There's no way i can tell if any have been sold and not been paid for.
  8. People have asked them its from Shutterstock - if you request an image or footage they want the exact SS id of what you want and they openly say they get it from there. Im sure other sites do have stolen issues but a lot of them proactively monitor for misuse whereas SS in the FAQ have an explicit policy on not monitoring and waiting to be sold. This is a different issue though, its being able to steal images from not sell stolen images on SS.
  9. Reuse is quite common (i see the same few images of mine show up on BBC and other places regularly and they were bought *years ago*). The main problem is if SS hasnt paid him for it. Is it an oversight and if it is, how many other images and people is this happening to with nobody noticing?
  10. [quote]How do you know that these people aren't employed somewhere that has a shared 750 image pack? You assume these are stolen, not legitimate paid downloads. True, reselling them is not right, but you keep shouting about SS security as the cause, without any evidence that it is the way these are obtained. How do you know that as a fact?[/quote] Because if you fake interest (and people have) they explain how they can source them, photos and videos completely free. They're likely using the API bugs that keep getting removed off YouTube and places. No doubt some are reselling subscri
  11. You need to plug your security holes. Now multiple people offering to sell SS images and video, stolen to order on the FB groups *and* other people asking for it. Pakistan mainly but that doesn't matter - they're obtaining them and its happening.
  12. Some more from the wild west of SS facebook groups. Someone else offering to sell SS images (any image) for $1 each. Same person responding elsewhere saying they can provide any image free of cost.
  13. No idea because we dont know how big the short edge is, what quality is used or the content of the image.
  14. Megapixels are a resolution Megabytes are a file size. They're totally different things. Megabytes are determined by the resolution and the quality.
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