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  1. How should i do that? if there are several people in the photo, model releases are not needed anymore? Sorry but i focused on uploading what i have, afterwards i will read the rules, organize my catalog etc. i didn't got the time for that yet. That;s why i am asking those dumb questions.
  2. @Benedek Alpar: hey i see now in your portfolio that your photos including brand names are accepted. How did you manage to do that? I've seen that at Adobe you have to tick editorial content. How's on shutterstock? BTW Romania here, i guess u figured it out
  3. thank you all for taking your time to look at it and write your impression @Benedek Alpar: yes, i always have Circ. Polarisation filter when shooting outdoors. Even if it's shady outside. @HodagMedia: i have some locations written, but to lakes/dams etc. But i will take your advice in consideration and i will locate the most iconic forest photos
  4. Hello, i am new here. I want to start with a little bit of history telling. I like to go hiking and shot photos [maybe I could call them snapshots :))]. I have a DSLR since 12 years ago. I know since then about microstock photgraphy but i never thought that the quality of pictures i took could qualify for such thing. With this covid stuff and all our free time in our homes we received, after 10+ years of not entering this site, i took a peek at what kind of photos are uploading the contributors. There is a ton of waayyyyyy better photos than mine but still there are more that imho are of
  5. same here. i can add that also my "milky" waterfalls shot in a tripod!!! were rejected for not being in focus...
  6. newbie here at SS, but i have the same problem. Weird that istock accepts my "unfocused and noisy" images though. I thought that istock is more selective with the photos they accept. And weird stuff happening, i uploaded some photos from my Phantom 3 Standard drone which has really bad camera, and they were accepted. lol
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