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  1. I went to the link in your post as closed my account. Will see if it works.... time will tell.
  2. The stock image/video market has become over glutted with content... more substandard amateur submissions now than the superior quality content which was once dominated by the pros. Simple math of supply & demand. A little history... prior to digital, we used to get $200 for a single medium format color negative or color transparency image represented by reputable film stock agencies (including Getty)... $400 to $800 for 30 second film to tape video clips. But those days are history. When imagery went digital, all the stock agencies including SS & IS initially were very, very picky and choosey about digital standards and the acceptance of quality content from contributors. But that is history also. Now with unlimited cloud storage glutted with images and every person in the world having a cell phone, they'll take any image they can get and give away for free... including cell phone images from grade schoolers. I for one do not want the wear and tear on my pro gear for nickel & dime image sales. After 25 years of stock sales and watching the industry deteriorate into the substandard cesspool of garbage mediocrity, I am no longer willing to participate n this losing proposition. Life is way to short and my remaining time on earth way too valuable. I wish all the best to my fellow creative stock SS contributors from around the globe. Centrill
  3. I went to "Contributor Support Center": https://submit.shutterstock.com/contact Click on the sub-heading "Account Changes" the first item in the left hand column. Then fill out the form with your detailed instructions and submit. Be sure to state clearly that you want your minimum payout reduced to $1.00, you want to be paid your total contributor balance due, and want to deactivate and permanently close your SS account. I have received my final payout which was only a few dollars, my finles have been deactivated, but they have yet to close my contributor account... which they claim can take over 30 days to complete. Hence, I am still able to respond on this contributor forum.
  4. I do mean that... That is the form I submitted. So the form will not let you write anything in the box that says "Describe Issue"?
  5. I went to "Contributor Support Center": https://submit.shutterstock.com/contact Click on the sub-heading "Account Changes" the first item in the left hand column. Then fill out the form with your instructions and submit. Be sure to state clearly that this is your 5th attempt to receive your payout and close your account.
  6. SS Support has responded to my 2nd request to close my account. They have reduced my minimum payout to $1 so that I can received my final payout within the next 30 days. After the final payout, I can then go to "My Account" settings and delete my SS account.
  7. I just contacted support and made my 2nd request within the past 30 days to issue my final payout and close my account. We'll see if they respond to this 2nd request.
  8. Translation per Google: "The business is simple the less I pay the more I earn, the next step is to charge the authors for being able to show their photos." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agreed. That is where this thing is going.
  9. Yes my fellow contributors around the globe, we are working deep in the coal mines for PaPa Shutterstock. They are reading our grievances here and laughing. I have tried to remove my account but have received no response from PaPa Shutterstock.
  10. Let's keep political opinions out of this forum.
  11. I just sent instruction to contributor support to close out my account and send me what paltry balance is due. It was a good run here for the past 12 years but the greed at the top of this food chain has ruined it for everyone. So long fellow contributors. I think the video & image stock business model is disintegrating everywhere.
  12. Here are the instructions on how to close your SS contributor account: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/How-do-I-close-my-contributor-account?q=how+do+I+delete+contributor+account&l=en_US&fs=Search&pn=1
  13. We are not employees. We are "Contributors" pf SS. And I have cancelled all of my videos and still images with SS.
  14. Uless there is another Jeffery Edward Epstein.. As of June 4th, 2020- Jeffery Edward Epstein was listed as a Board of Director at SS and awarded 4,062 shares of SS stock. So how does that work since he died in jail a year prior... August 10th, 2019? And guess what... Since the new "Screw the Contributor" policy went into effect on May 26th, Jonathon Evan Oringer CEO of SS sold 102,637 shares of SS stock (a disposition) worth $4,530,645. That's right fellow artists... we make .10 cents for our stock images and old Jonny Boy makes over $4.5 million in shares of SSTK stock since June 4th!
  15. Well put Yaman... Here, Here! Besides contributors pulling out and closing their account, we need to see SS stock prices (SSTC on the NYSE) plummet. Their stock was at $36/share just prior to their screw the contributors announcement on May 26th. That new screw the contributor's pricing policy seems to have boosted their share price. C-L-M Contributor's Lives Matter
  16. There is NO CONTRACT between the contributor and SS. There is "Terms of Service", which you agreed to by uploading content. It is located here: https://submit.shutterstock.com/legal/terms?language=en Their "Terms of Service" totally in their favor and can be changed at any time, as often as they like, without contributor approval or input. It clear states in the very first three paragraphs that: 1) By submitting any Content to Shutterstock, you grant to Shutterstock a worldwide, sub-licensable, non-exclusive right and license to index, analyze, categorize, archive reproduce, prepare derivative works incorporating, publicly display, sell, advertise and market, any Content uploaded by you and accepted by Shutterstock for any reasonable business purpose, including but not limited to the distribution of your Content to Shutterstock customers, to optimize the performance and operation of Shuttestock’s platform and services, and to develop new features and products. You also give permission to Shutterstock to add, modify or remove information related to your Content in order to manage and license such Content. 2) You grant Shutterstock a worldwide, non-exclusive right to use your name, display name and Content in connection with Shutterstock's marketing and promotional activities without the payment of any compensation to you. Shutterstock, in the exercise of its discretion, may refrain from any or all of the foregoing without any liability to you. 3) Shutterstock shall have the right, but not the obligation, to license all Content through any of Shutterstock’s brands and platforms to its customers for use in perpetuity in accordance with license agreements entered into by Shutterstock, including but not limited to Shutterstock, Inc. Terms of Service License Agreements (collectively, "Licenses").
  17. Same here. SS sends me an email proudly boasting that I have moved to level 2... like the money will start falling from the sky... but so what? All remains the same.
  18. Paida Mudzamba This is really not the forum for tech questions. There are other forums for that. This forum is to discuss the "New Earnings Structure For Contributors" But to answer your question, you can up-res an image using software like Photoshop. But to my knowledge, most stock sites will not accept images that have gone through a re-sampled up-res process.
  19. I have been with Shutterstock since June 2008. Before that, iStock was always my best revenue stream until Getty bought them out. Then iStock sales plummeted. I decommissioned iStock and Shutterstock eventually became my best revenue until now... Sales volume dwindling to almost nothing and the revenue is chump change. Pond5 is my fastest rising sales agency now. It is so pitiful that Shutterstock is screwing the very same artist that built their empire on the NYSE (SSTK). But that's OK for Shutterstock I guess... because they have a new generation of high school iPhone children uploading blurry cell phone images to fill the void while their best professional contributors are fleeing elsewhere. Best of luck Shutterstock... the pro's will eventually all depart, your iPhone children will grow up and get bored with you... and you will fade into obscurity looking for viable content and eventually selling yourself, like a street whore, to the highest bidder.
  20. I posted this comment earlier in this thread that the same day one of my HD video files sold on Pond 5, where I received $10, the same exact video file sold here on Shutterstock and I received .26 cents. Not only is this practice grossly unfair to contributors, it is grossly unfair to the other stock agencies. Seems Shutterstock business practices no longer cares about anybody.
  21. I believe I would get on the phone and call them. Best number I could find to reach them: +1 866-663-3954
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