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  1. Hello, just 2 clips downloaded on Pond5, I have 400 clips online. Time is quite consuming even if you consider only editing and uploading. At the moment I do it mostly for fun and to see if I can rise a double income on some footage I have to take anyway. Also, is challenging to me to improve technique of shooting. I had the first download after a couple of weeks, and like 30,40 clips. I think it all depends of contents, not much on quantity. Of course if you have both (quantity and quality) you'll have more earnings. F
  2. Another update on december. I got almost 400 video clip on, and few pictures. Sold 31 pictures and 21 video clips in total. But most of the earning comes from video of course. Not bad, hopefully the income will increse as I increase the database. Thanks for your feedback. If I must calculate the hours I worked on it, it's not worth it comparing to the income, but I bet on exponential increase income with more footage online. Let see if I can rise the average earnings. Hopefully old clip will continue selling. Let me know what's your thoughts
  3. Hello guys, I just wanna share my short experience as footage contributor in Shutterstock, and asking you a suggestion for future, maybe could help also some new "recruits". I have just started during half of july, uploading footages of my usual topics (nature, vegetables, food, growing food, organic food and sustainability). It seems market is not really interesting in it. I sold just 1 clip for 7 dollars (and it was a clip not of my topic: an istitutional building) on a total of 200 clips uploaded, some 4K, some slowmo, timelapse, drone footage. So, for now the balance is not so good, just c
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