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  1. Sadly the videos aren't anywhere else online. It was a mixture of human error and some bad luck. I brought new storage with a RAID 5 setup, I moved my portfolio from my HDD to it with the intention of then copying them back onto a replacement HDD so it was in two places. A few days later when the new HDD arrived I checked the RAID to find everything corrupted. No drives on the RAID actually failed so there were no errors, it seems like the controller messed up and was overwriting data. I should have just done it all the same day and made sure the files were always in 2 places at one... I did manage to recover some of the data from the original HDD but a lot of it is damaged. Data recovery companies are quoting around $1000 to recover it which is more than I think the contents are worth.
  2. Well I hadn't mentioned closing the account to SS. it was more of a last resort idea mixed in with some frustration.
  3. Hey, thanks for all the responses. I have since heard back from support and it looks like the original responder was mistaken in saying it couldn't be done. I can contact someone else for licensing discussions. This is good news however I do get the feeling it wont be at a reduced rate, so I might have to just accept them as lost.
  4. Hello I am in an unfortunate situation where I have lost my main storage and my backup. I have contacted support to ask if I may download my files and was told no, but that I may be able to purchase them with a special agreement. This was then escalated only for me to be told that I wouldn't even be allowed to purchase them. I fully appreciate that shutterstock doesn't want to be used as a backup service and can understand why they don't allow everyone to download their work. But its really disappointing that this cant even be done through support. I cant see having to go through support to be allowed to buy your own products being a commonly used backup service. I expect I have signed away any rights to access them but does anyone know exactly? If I close my account is there any chance of downloading my work then as part of the account closure? Thanks
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