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  1. Hey all, Thanks for the support, I managed to upload it! About the Rila Monastery, it still exists, however, I haven't went there for more than 3 or 4 years, and I wasn't shooting back then. I should definitely go there. @Milo J
  2. I'll try this out now. The name of the plant will be really really hard to find. I'll start searching again, because the last time I couldnt find nothing. Thank you very much!
  3. Hi, thank you for the question. Yes my fault I gave none of my titles here. 1. Rila lakes plant between the rock bottom ( this one is bad, I know) 2. A mountain plant, that grows between the rocks 3. Photo of mountain flower that grows between rocks (decided to try with flower, when it's obviously not a flower) 4. A plant in the mountain that grew between the rocks 5. A green plant that blooms in heart of the mountain (stupid one again, there's no bloom) 6. Green mountain plant 7. A plant in the mountain with grass around it 8. Beautiful mountain plant in Bulgaria 9. A green plant between stones Those are the ones so far. Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Dear Shutterstock contributors, I am kind of new to Shutterstock. I have only 10 successful uploads to it. However, for the first time a photo of mine got rejected 8 times because of the title. I tried many different things, all spelled correctly (im not the best in english but I do my best when I upload, I even check the spelling in google), and nothing worked so far. Can someone give me an advice. I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks in advance. Stamen
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