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  1. Trust me I do save my photos at 100% quality and make sure my shutter speed is high enough for the subject matter. For animals I do a higher shutter speed than I do for landscapes. I’ve been taking photographs for a while now. I know how to use the settings on my camera. I’ve seen the photos on Shutterstock and believe I have photos good enough for the site. I’ve just noticed that when I upload my photos they look less quality when I open the photo up when I put the photo for review.
  2. My goodness, just wanted a serious solution to my problem instead of a rude response. I've been taking photographs for 9 years. I think I know a thing or two about photography and if my photos are worth selling. I have a 24.2 MP camera and know how to use my camera settings so I don't get blurry photos. I also know how to edit to make photos look even sharper. Sure, I don't have a $3,000 or more camera, but I do take relatively good photos. Check my website if you want to see the quality of my photos and judge for yourself (rose.thayerfolks.org). My website is nothing amazing or professional, but it does showcase some of my photographs. Sure, not all my photos are perfect, but I do have some quality photos in my portfolio. I have noticed that the quality of my photos when I uploaded them to Shutterstock became lower quality. I just don't understand why it is doing that. I can line the photo uploaded on Shutterstock and on my iCloud photos on my laptop and see a considerable difference in quality. Not sure if this is a Mac to Shutterstock issue. Or maybe a chrome to Shutterstock issue. Or whatever... but I would like to hear some serious input on why this is happening.
  3. Hi, so I'm new to Shutterstock and wanted to start uploading photos. When submitting my photos I got feedback that my photos were out of focus and had noise issues. I know my photos are very clear on my Mac, on Lightroom, and on my iCloud photos. Trust me it is not an issue with my camera or my photography skills. All the photos were taken with a shutter speed of at the very least 1/90 if not 1/125 or higher. When previewing them on Shutterstock I did notice they were less in focus. Does anybody know how to fix this issue? Does Shutterstock compress photos, making them more blurry? I know I always have this same issue with Instagram and Facebook lowering the quality of my images, but does Shutterstock have the same issue as well? Wondering if it's just the Shutterstock software that's having issues.
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