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  1. I not planning on uploading anything here anymore. Why should we give them our best images for basically free? They are getting rich on our backs, but they are biting the hand that feeds them. I'm averaging a little over $2.00 per sale on Adobe. I would have to sell 20 to 1 to make the same money here. Several other sites pay 50% from the start and I will be looking to expand where I post.
  2. This is great news for Pond5 and Adobe! I have a third of the downloads on Adobe and have made over 3 times what I have made here. I have been shooting a lot of drone footage the past few months and was getting ready to start uploading it. I don't think I can make enough here to pay for the gas it took to travel to the sites to shoot. I won't be uploading anything here and trying to decide if I would be better off to take my work down instead of letting you give it away. Very disappointed. No respect for the people that created your jobs.
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