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  1. My unpaid earning is showing $0. I've earned more than 42 dollars. And my minimum payout was set for 35 dollars.
  2. I've completed the tax form. And I think payment should be transferred within 15th of the month. But I didn't receive any payment
  3. I'm a newbie in SS. I've joined SS at end of the May 2020. Here are my 4 months earning with 132 images and 22 videos. Eventually, I'm trying to increase the number. 1 Video sale, 8 image sales. Is that a good starting! Eventually we're planning to make a huge number port. is it a good idea to work exclusively on SS?
  4. Hey! I've only 20 videos and 1 lifetime video sale for $11.07 What about your lifetime video sales and size of your video portfolio?
  5. Yes, I will. I will focus more on shutterstock. Thank you for inspiring me
  6. I'm trying to put more effort on Shutterstock. But people are saying this is worthless. I'm confused little bit about shutterstock.
  7. Is Shutterstock dead alive? Or I'm the only one who's not having any sale in this month till now. Can you show your this month sale compared to another month?
  8. Thank you Tim, Your video port is amazing. Do you get often video sale in shutter stock?
  9. Amazing port you've. Thank you for inspiring me. I thought SS is not for video. You changed my mind.
  10. Thanks Bro. I do follow your YouTube channel. Keep posting
  11. Harley quinn concept was not for commercial use. That is for editorial purpose only. And I checked there are more photos like that. Should i remove this!
  12. Thank you brother, I'm from Bengal. I would love to know which part are you from! Well I'm a full time Filmmaker. I shoot some commercial videos and Films for clients too. I'm just planning to leave that part and focus on Stock videos and Film making.
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