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  1. Try to decrease the ISO value, ISO introduce more grains. if you want smooth and good lighting play with shutter speed and aperture. ISO value should be 100 or less. For long exposure shot Shutter speed 15 - 60 sec (Ideal for city landscape) ISO : 100 or lessAperture 8 (minimum for landscapes)
  2. I love to shoot in f 3.5 or higher. And low light photography one of my favorite thing. I just wanna know, if a photo gets rejected by one curator, how can be some other curator can accept the same photo! is this all about curator's mood?
  3. Hi. I'm new here. My approved photos are selling quite often. But Shutter-stock is rejecting high quality photos saying main subject is not focused again and again. Some of them are approved.
  4. I was having almost 30 images and 6 videos on my portfolio. And I got my first video sale. I started just a month back. I remember at the beginning how much I love to read forum posts. I was not sure my footage will gonna sale or not. Thank you guys for inspiring me. If you're reading, Just comment a tip how should I improve my portfolio!!! Have a look on my sets: https://www.shutterstock.com/g/RupanMallick8/sets
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