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  1. Hey this thread for getting to know what all photos sell for the best value.So send in your best performer till date irrespective of time.
  2. It takes time to get the site updated sometimes...so you can do it just wait and keep refreshing your page.
  3. Can anyone tell me what is wrong about my model release, because I can't get it and shutterstock is refusing it as invalid release.
  4. Yess,I also get this a lot. They generally zoom in a lot and check for the focus on the subject they think is the Subject. You need to do two thing in order to get this passed. Firstly, if you are using a very shallow depth of field, or you intentionally put the subject out of focus mention it in the title and keywords. Secondly keep submitting again and again, it eventually will get passed. I have tried these things, so you can opt these.
  5. Yess I did use model release for both. Model release wasn't an issue
  6. It finally got selected I wrote the following title.... I have been facing this problem a lot. A teenage boy and a kid, practicing meditation and zen energy yoga in mountains. Brothers doing fitness exercise sport outdoors in morning. Healthy lifestyle concept
  7. My photo is being rejected for the following reason. Rejection reasons (1) Title: Title must be descriptive and relevant to the subject matter and One photos in the series got approved but other's aren't getting approved. I tried various captions...
  8. I recently used shutterstock's new beta feature for model releases but they are rejecting that model release by saying that it doesn't meet their requirements.
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