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  1. Not sure if this topic has been discussed before on this forum. I've just noticed from the payment email that the amount to be paid out to me is a little less than the 'unpaid earnings.' Did they deduct tax? Am I liable for US tax even if I don't reside in the US?
  2. Thnx, Awana. You've been a great help
  3. Payment method: payoneer. This was gonna be my 1st payment. Got no email from SS. Reached the payout limit
  4. Yes, everything regular with my email. Not been hacked
  5. 15th of July 2020 and not yet paid! I heard that SS has substantially reduced payments, but i haven't heard they've cancelled payment.
  6. Sam Nord

    Missing payment

    It's the 15th of July 2020, and I still haven't been paid.
  7. Today is the 15th of July 2020. I still haven't been paid!
  8. What video extensions are uploadable to Shutterstock should a contributor be interested in selling footage?
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