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  1. I have completed 800 downloads still 10 cents or 13 cents It is not acceptable. And than in the announcement text 'fair opportunity for everyone' big lies that I find disrespect for all the hard work.
  2. It is really not fair. I raised a few levels but still EARN 10 cents. I still don't believe it and hope they compromise somehow to us. FOR ALL THE HARD WORK
  3. I was in level 4 now 1 Now I get 10 cent and a lot less downloads. Only 42 this month instead of 100 What really irritates me is the arrogance and disinterest in artists. They really only have to do it for money. I expected them to make another kind with adaptation so that it is acceptable to both parties. What about the minimum payout remains that 75 this way it will take a year before you can get your money. Have them look in the mirror and say I think it is right that the photographers get 10 cents then they know they are lying to their reflection. This is going too far, disrespectfully
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