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  1. With such commissions, the studio's work on the SS is only at a loss. The studios left the SS. Just like in my time with IS. Advertising will inevitably follow the studios. This is an unavoidable process. Accordingly, the sales volume will inevitably fall. Someone can and will win, but the majority only loses and will lose. Sales on AS have already increased dramatically. this year I have already sold more on AS than last year or the year before....
  2. SS became unprofitable for studios. The studios have left it or are leaving it. The same thing happened with the IS. And the studios went to AS. That's all the answers. I get more for a week on AS than for 2 months on SS. Uploading profile materials to the cc-stopped after the policy change.
  3. The SS became completely uninteresting....behind the photography studios, the buyers also went to other drains. If the SS does not die, it lives in sad times. As time has shown, the fact that I have not uploaded a single profile photo to the ss since the change has borne fruit. I did not lose at this change, just changed the drains on which there is a good income. one day AS against the little things on the SS.
  4. In the end, we will have to pay extra so that they can make a profit for themselves? So why bother with images - it's easier to pay directly. Each job has a cost. SS has gotten to the point where I can't upload my profile pictures to SS. Sales on CC are less than cost. It remains to sometimes load a by-product onto the SS. That is, what I have to do regardless of whether I get money for it or not. As a result, the CC loses a certain percentage of images of profile images that are not bad for sale. Consequently, the SS loses a certain volume of buyers who go to other sites and as a result ... t
  5. Looks like the SS decided to commit suicide. So maybe it's better to help him with this ? And then all laugh ( cry) about the income, but continue to load on the SS without letting him die.
  6. many strong artists and photography studios have left the SS. They do everything and will do everything to attract customers. Therefore, many buyers have already left the SS.
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