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  1. Mice were crying, prick, but continued to eat a cactus for as little as $0.10...........
  2. I don't think SS is lying. 329 Million images and 18 Million clips.... that's more than 340 Million... However, this is not vkachek, and quietly crawled... And will ship, for someone and $0.1-happiness.
  3. IS\GI - yesterday. This drain is not worth it to deal with.... It is necessary to deal with what has the potential for growth, and not tcm,which is in the process of fading... Personal opinion...
  4. Is it worth spending time on it? He hasn't been alive at all lately, at least not for me....
  5. In order for a cow to bring in more income, it needs to be fed less and milked more.😄😄😄
  6. ""...The thing is it is going to take time for any patterns to show up doing this - however if the average per shot income at the end of each month does not drop it is hard to argue that the new system is worse. The real test will be seeing if averages rise as previous level points are reached. ..." What's there to watch? This was already the case on IS/GI, the results will be approximately the same. The reasons are simple, all authors are divided into 3 groups - "tourists" - people filming on the way, on trips, or neighbor's cats at home ( I don't want to offend them, in any case) they do not bear any costs, and in principle they do not particularly care how much they will be paid, all the same on the way... - professional photographers-they bear certain expenses for shooting, for them the reduction of payment by 3 times is a very serious blow, in the vast majority they will stop uploading to SS or will upload only failed photos that are not sold on other stocks. - studios that work directly for photo stocks... for them, this reduction is simply unacceptable. they definitely stop working with SS. The business can't work in the negative. "Tourists" at the first stage win, they increase sales, due to the stop of downloads by other categories and the presence of the buyer's already paid subscriptions, but then.... The buyer seeing the deterioration in quality and compression of the range of topics goes to other drains and follows a General collapse...( I can say for myself that sales at other drains have increased sharply, and in addition,the number of commissioned shots that do not even reach the drains has increased.... If I used to shoot one custom session in 2 months, then only this month there were already 3...) which is a big plus... ( I won with the change in the SS policy - the buyer leaves the SS and comes to me directly) PS my expenses for the simplest photo shoot are never lower than $100, but for a serious one it reaches $600 in shooting it turns out a maximum of 100 photos. if you take the conditional cost of preparing the shoot $300, then only in order to recoup the photo shoot for $0.1 I need to sell 3000 photos, that is, 30 times each....) Everything is a complete stop working with SS Illustrators, too, will not draw for $0.1 - so they also left with SS/ Well, according to the video, those who have seriously invested in the purchase of video equipment are also unlikely to give away 4K videos for $1. This is the vision of the process, and then we will see... automatic translation .
  7. disabling the portfolio is not quite the right decision, unfortunately.... no one can guarantee that after disabling the portfolio on SS, sales will not continue on partner sites, but without any Commission at all. The only correct way to delete items is by piece, at least the most popular items, but it is very time-consuming...(
  8. At the same time, the minimum sale price is almost $10... that is, they pay the author about 10% ....
  9. SS apparently believes that $1.16 is a lot....😡
  10. there was a decline, of course... but different stock sites have passed it in different ways. As an example results on SS and DT
  11. In right mind exactly no one will load....))))
  12. Surprisingly, DT also sells not only for 0.35$..... and according to the results of recent months, the situation is clearly not in favor of SS.... And for SS fans, good luck from the bottom of your heart....))))
  13. I, too, still reach (and exceed) my goals of $ every month... on other stocks. I consider it pointless to work on SS for 0.1$ when the same DT pays at least 0.35$. Since the change in pricing policy, I have not loaded anything on the SS and I am not going to....
  14. SS plain text says load on other drains, such as DT or P5.
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