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  1. Hmmm. So a day of shooting (that is counting driving, setting up lighting and model/product preparation) is only 10% of the work for you? It's like saying that a detergent company selling in a big store chain only deserves 10% of the price because the store is the one selling the product.
  2. Well I can respect your opinion on the matter but no way in hell do I agree to it. I upload on several sites and do not agree to sell my photos at this rate and do not want to affect my pictures performances on other sites by leaving my work to sell for 0.10$ instead of higher.
  3. Now everyone is thinking the situation in their own way. if taking the files off will be a huge blow financially I can understand the reluctant thinking, but sooner or later the site will output small enough revenues that they will consider leaving.
  4. Bottom line is, stop being lazy and produce more. Those 0.10& won't sell by themselves.
  5. Very well done. I am also starting commenting on their Linkedin page this exact message: "If anyone reads the comments and was interested in purchasing images from this site please consider other sites that actually respect the contributors providing the images. We will be very appreciative. In case you want more details ask yourself if 0.10$ for a downloaded image would be fair to you."
  6. First tried just disabling licenses in profile. Noticed after a couple or hours that my images are still visible when searching in database so proceeded to deleting sets and later askinf them to delete my pictures from the profile.
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