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  1. You are absolutely right about that size factor, it was just my thoughts on RX100 and what is good for and where it doesn't always necessarily shine.
  2. I have/had plenty of images that are/were selling well and which were shot with first generation of Sony RX100 (it was made in Japan BTW and in my opinion lens was better/sharper than in my current RX100V). Short answer, it is enough for most subjects, but for portrait kind stuff etc. I would prefer better lens and proper camera body. I have Nikon D750 and its still great camera and not that expensive anymore.
  3. Nice image! I think it tells the story of SS new payments policy as of way to motivate the contributors and the future of the micro stock industry I also had difficulty to choose what action to take when faced with greedy and unilateral payments policy change by SS. I turned my small portfolio off for the most of the summer. In September I reactived it, but deleted permanently around 20% of the "best" content. After that I have immediately deleted any file that had been sold for 0.10c or 0.11c - bang, out, gone. Trust me, it feels good to delete a file right after it has been sold for
  4. I also deactivated my small portfolio and by doing so I want to show my support to this justified "industrial action". This 0,10 cents nonsense and way it was communicated to us is just utter disrespect to the very hand that feeds their bottomless greed. I also extended upload embargo to Bigstock and advise others do the same. Stay strong!
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