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  1. Every self-respecting artist that contributes to Shutterstock should delete their accounts. Why give away art for free. Give it to charity instead if you must give it away.
  2. I cannot find out how to delete my account. Will someone please give me the instructions. Thank you in advance.
  3. Why doesn't any of the Shutterstock moderators have the guts to respond to so many that have made comments concerning the screwing your giving the faithful contributors to your business?
  4. Surely you must think photographers need you. Well, I don't. I would not put forth the effort to conceptualize, edit, and upload a quality image for one dime. The very people that make your business possible is the people you that you now screw. I'm all for big businesses making money but surely this is a slap in the face of photographic artists that have made your business possible. Congratulations and sleep well.
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