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  1. No need to insult me. Maybe my question was awkward but i'm polite.
  2. Deleted by mistake. I said that you almost daily say how much you earn 3k month and 200 daily and everybody know that and youre very happy about it. Question was if you put a lot of effort or you don't, in your works? Because in one topic you said that YES you put alot of hard work. Here you said that YOU DON'T and stock is just pocket money.
  3. The reason is that you have 8 keywords to your photos. I make 50 always. Spend time, make researches. And some keysowrd must be very specific.
  4. Very soryu for toy. Keep making gew but quality photos and they will sell + do it for tour pleasure.
  5. Btw i'm successful in my illusttarion business, well known in my town. But we messure succes in differet ways, it's not always about money. Regards.different ways, it's not always about money. Regards.
  6. It's not about smarter and harder. MOST of people here work very hard and they are every smart, somebody smarter than you and me together. It's about place were you live, posibilities, circumstances, acces to different locations etc. Not necessary smart people earn money these days. A lot of smart people die of hunger in different countries.
  7. The reality is that 99% of contributors are making .10c per image. I made .20c last 3 days.
  8. Doug, be sure that you're 1 in 30.000 contributors that earn so much. Telling how much you earn doesn't make anybody feel better except you and some administrator of SS.
  9. Imagine how much time, money and effort most artists spend to upload 10.000-30.000... photos, research, write keywords, description etc. They are forced to stay here until they find another source of income.
  10. Last week downloads on SS 20 downloads - all only from subscribers. Total i made 2.43$ from 20 downloads. I can prove it with a screenshot.
  11. i'm lvl 3, all sales are 0,1$ with 2k images i make 0.5$ a day
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