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  1. Is it possible that the photo has been downloaded in the past? I have two photos that got just a few downloads, but are constantly in German media (these media are part of the same group and I guess they have a database of what was downloaded. I also guess it is totally legal to do it). Also sometimes some editorial gets downloaded, but I find it online a lot of time later, which means customer downloaded it but didn't use it for some time... Of course, there may also be other possibilities such as the one you described
  2. I've received 91.20 USD for the same download. Still 91200% compared to SS. By the way, don't you think that another thing that would be correct, is to show us what customer really paid for our photo?
  3. My example. Same photo. Covid related. Shutterstock subscription 1 June : 0.10 usd Alamy, 16 June : 1 download, 228 USD
  4. The last 6 years I was busy shooting, selling, uploading. I will be sincere, didn't know about the existance of this forum and didn't need it. Don't you think many people discovered the forum after SS crazy univocal decision that impacted many of us drastically? My case is that, and I guess it's the case of many of us. Does this mean we are worth less than you? Why don't you say the same to stockphotofan1, who is convincing people their earnings will duplicate, based on a statistical model created after getting 29 sales? He also looks to be pretty new, and is selling himself as the guru, the one and only possessing the truth, but I didn't see you attacking him.
  5. The arrogance is all yours. I never told anyone what he should do. My opinion is that feeding SS is permitting them to continue with that one way behavior. This doesn't mean imposing anyone to do anything. It is an opinion, I could say pretty realistic, but what I'm sure is that I am free to express it. My goal in life is not being any guru. Though, I guess you need to be able to understand what you read, and not officially interpreting what I said putting in my mouth things I never said. If i think whoever sells his work for 0.10 doesn't have any self respect and is helping SS to do the dirty job they're doing, this is my opinion, and I never forced anyone to do anything. Again, if you think staying on SS is great, stay there and use your time to upload new content. Just don't interpret officially what I say and stop being arrogant.
  6. So you're here to attack anyone that has less posts and seniority than you?
  7. I'm with SS for 6 years. I came to the forum when SS univocally changed our payment system at last minute. From your message I guess new members of the forum aren't allowed to have an opinion and need to shut up? Who do you think you are to forbid the freedom of speech and opinion?
  8. Sorry i do not feed trolls who still sell 5800 photos for 0.10 because is "smarter" than others and try to distract conversations and protect SS. Ignore.
  9. Are able to read? What part don't you understand of TOTALLY DELETED MY ACCOUNT?
  10. I just have to say i totally agree with that article, and of course you're free to make your own decisions. Thanks for investigating my life, but I was with SS from many years and totally deleted my account.
  11. There's a new list of featured contributors on the home page, showing also their profile image. Although i guess they have a special deal, would be nice to contact them and inform them. If they deactivate portfolio and also put the 0.10 logo on their profiles, it would appear in the homepage.
  12. That's what helps SS being SS and continuing to sell for nuts. People that are disappointed but still sell. Sorry, whatever your situation in life, if you continue selling on SS, you're contributing to make them laugh of us and make no change at all.
  13. If she has any ethics, she has already left Soon we may have Justin Shutterstock, he represents the values of the company
  14. Thanks for your suggestion, but please stop quoting me. I'm here from the first day of the new earning system, you appeared in the conversation just 2 days ago, read all the messages before. And do not ever quote me again. Let's see if you're able to.
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