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  1. Excuse me i didn't say this image was editorial, I also didn't say I wanted to be credited for it merely that I was happy that I was. As for correct attribution I refer to the spelling of my surname, you wouldn't believe how many variations of Edmondson I've seen.
  2. well i did email compliance 5 days ago and got an email back saying they would get back to me in 3 days, they didn't, so I emailed them again informing them I had contact the site and that the oversight had been rectified, if they rap my knuckles or close my account so be it.
  3. I've no idea, didn't give it a thought, but from my point of view the oversight has been rectified so no harm done. I'm sure if i am in the wrong SS will let me know and rap my knuckles.
  4. I emailed the owners of the two sites that had forgotten to add attribution and received a reply from one apologising for the oversight and the site has now added a clickable attribution. I am still waiting for a reply from the other site, but fingers crossed that too gets sorted too.
  5. I found another one of my images on this page https://www.plantura.garden/gruenes-leben/kraeuter-fuer-voegel I happy to say it does have the correct attribution
  6. I thought editorial images had to be credited but have found a few of mine that haven't been so I'd like to know the answer to this too
  7. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/gardening-on-budget-plant-propagation-strawberry-1769226818
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/tinley-park-illinois-usa-27102008-bronze-1753452524
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