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  1. Happy June 15th everyone, Don't to forget to deactivate all your content today to prevent Shutterstock from stealing any more from you! Anyone who is not aware how to pull all their content go to your account settings and tick 'no' on the 2 options (screenshot below).
  2. This is an absolute insult to all your contributors! You make so much money from our hard work while doing basically nothing but providing a platform! I was earning on 33 cents per sale before with the occasional $2.48 sale now I earn 10 cents! This is an absolute joke! I am 40 cents away from my payout level and as soon as i reach it I am pulling my entire portfolio as it makes me sick to my stomach that shutterstock are making money off my work and giving so little back in return! Good bye!
  3. I am not a massive contributor to this site I have about 800 photos on here and I have made about $750 over nearly 4 years. It's not my main job within photography but has been nice steady little earner. However now Shutterstock have changed the royalty rules I am now getting 10 cents per sale down from 33 cents!!! This is an insult quite frankly and so as soon as I have reached my payout level (40 cents away currently) I will be pulling my entire portfolio off of this site. Now I get that some might think this is an over reaction as I still get a bit of new money for old rope without having to do anything if I just leave them on here, however, i think 10 cents per photo is such an insult I can no longer stomach the idea of Shutterstock making money from my work. Maybe I will go exclusive with adobe to make up the shortfall. Is anyone else as angry as I am and if so are you going to pull your portfolio also?
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