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  1. According to the data you've published, You had 29 downloads the first week of June, getting 71.18 USD. You had 32 downloads two days ago, for a total of 71.75 USD. This means, In 4 days you had 3 downloads, for the average of less of 0.20 USD each. Having 3 downloads in 4 days (and for not so much money) I think you're not entitled to sell your calculations as the unique real truth. I personally know tens of contributors, and checking together, we can say that more of 95 of our sales is SS, most of them for 0.10 USD, some lucky one get up to 0.17 USD on level 6, which will additionally be reduced next January when we will all happily be on the lowest level. These people sell thousands of files in a month, not 3 photos in 4 days. So please, stop to troll. And if you tell your experience, show concrete data and don't sell it here as they were the truth. As a contributor, for the number of sales you had in the last 4 days, you're totally irrelevant. I also guess that you sell your not edited phone photos as a hobby, but here there are thousands of people that invested their full life and survive with that job, so have respect for them. If you do all this trolling for free, i admire you! Just don't tell people you're feeding your family with stock earnings, you're a teenager and earn 70 dollars a month with your camera content. Trolls are known for being weirdos with no social life, and trolling is the only thing that makes them feel powerful, otherwise their life is socially empty. They are people with no friends, and do not mind to hurt seriously anybody's feelings just to get attention. According to his profile photo and content, he may be a cheap troll. The muscled photo he put on his fake Facebook is what he would love to be, the fatty guy from the photo on SS he just removed is what he is: an unhappy man seeking attention instead of working on himself. After looking at your portfolio, I would suggest you to eat healthier, and to spend more of your time taking care of yourself, especially your nails, they look scary at least. Dear trolls, may you feel on your skin the pain you're causing online to honest people. Since I'm blocked to write new comments, I will also note that the insults made by AsiaTravel to other members have been canceled by the moderators after many reports, but without banning him, like they did with many other users for much less.
  2. Let's be real. You can also make a million dollar with a photo but, in most cases, 99% of the photos are subscriptions. And we get 0.10. As an example, on January 1st, everyone will be level 1. To sell a 4K video footage for 149 USD, you get 22 USD, and SS over 120. I'm a bit shocked that you say you're an expert of statistic, but you take in consideration all your sales (that seem faked) and constantly distract the conversation with misinformation.
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