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  1. Do you have video on there? I've only had a Pond5 account for less than 3 weeks, I've got less than 150 videos on there and I've already had a sale.
  2. Hmm, I thought I'd removed licensing for all my content. I went onto my settings yesterday and selected 'No' for both images and videos under 'Licensing Options'. However, that was yesterday and even now, if I visit my profile in incognito mode, I'm still able to add both my photos and videos to cart. Any ideas?
  3. Wow well after 2 months on Shutterstock and only 2.5 weeks on Pond5, I've had 14 sales on Shutterstock (12 stills, 2 4K videos) and made a total of $22.33. Embarrassing! I've just made a single HD video sale on Pond5 and made $18.40. By that rationale, I should have made closer to $55 on Shutterstock. It's crazy! As a result, I've turned off licensing to all my content on Shutterstock active immediately! Thanks again for all the help everyone!
  4. Thanks, yeah it's just my initial couple of batches as I only joined a week or two ago and still sorting through most of my stuff but will be starting to upload weekly (though likely not to SS). I'm not sure really, I presumed most of them would just be declined but they seemed to just get approved. As I'm so new to the game I'm testing the waters in a few, so I either have or am in the middle of setting up profiles on iStock, Alamy, Adobe, and Pond5 as well as obviously SS. I'll monitor how well they do and cull my accounts based on how I find them I think.
  5. Thanks for sharing, really interesting to see. This seems very much to be SS shooting themselves in the foot, what did they think was going to happen?
  6. Well this has been eye opening, thanks for being a welcoming community and not shooting me down for a stupid question. In light of this, I don't think I'll be continuing to upload to SS until things change. I'll focus more on iStock and Adobe. Thanks again!
  7. I haven't uploaded to Pond5, are they any good? I'm on Getty and Adobe at the moment
  8. I'm new to stock so please forgive me if this is a very beginner question, in the week that I've been on Shutterstock, I've sold 8 images and 1 video (which is more than I was expecting to have sold this early on). However, each image is only making me $0.10 profit. Is this really the rate I should be getting? On Getty I get between $0.37 and $1.05 per image sale as my starting rate. If this is normal then I apologise but it seems surprisingly low. Thanks everyone and I hope you're managing to stay safe.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm new to the stock game but have been shooting documentary for NatGeo, Discovery, PBS, BBC etc for years. I've decided to go through my own personal footage and start uploading it here but I was wondering, what tends to do better with wildlife footage? Should I upload the flat raw footage, or is the more convenient option of pre-graded footage a smarter way to go? Thanks
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