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    Buenos Aires, Argentina
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    Photography about aviation, trains, cities, landscapes, cars, modelling... well, everything in fact. But those in particular.

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  1. Hello! I am having a bit of trouble with one picture in particular. First time I sent it, I missed to put it as 'Editorial'; then, it obviously got rejected only because not having a Property Release. But now, second time, when I thought everything was fine, it got rejected once again, this time because of out of focus. I revised it very, very closely, but still couldn't find where the out of focus actually is. I am not complaining about the photo getting rejected, simply asking where should I look at. I am a bit new to this so maybe I still don't have a well trained eye. Would like to know where should I take a look for next time... or if it was just an error, and I should submit it again? Thank you so much. Photo is attached.
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