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  1. Yes. I'm level 6 and most of the sales are $0.10
  2. Hey guys! I'm level 6 And most of the sales are $0.10 So the level system is a fake from Shutterstock Drop 40% with the same sales
  3. This is very funny.. https://share.getcloudapp.com/o0u8bmdx https://share.getcloudapp.com/P8ubZy79
  4. Shutterstock you destroy your Brand.🚯 You ignoring authors, but this is your core value. The authors' loyalty is valuable, not your stock value 📉 Think about it 🧠 Jon ————— Shutterstock, вы уничтожаете ваш Бренд.🚯 Ваша основная ценность, это лояльность авторов. А не эти ваши акции. Думайте об этом 🧠 Джон
  5. Who can create a post on Reddit? For discussion https://www.reddit.com/r/shutterstock/
  6. Shutterstock, I hope you get well 💊 And today we deactivate 25,000+ and see what happens ⏱🍿
  7. I predict the future 🔮 Shutterstock collects maximum angry messages in this thread and then delete it. You lose respect every day of ignoring.
  8. I don’t like that Shutterstock doesn't have a dialogue with the authors. And don't react at all. Angry Contributors!
  9. Good authors will leave you and leave trash pictures for you. Your main asset is not an expensive office in the center of New York, but the authors' loyalty, which you are increasingly losing. If you think that your company is a big elephant, then the authors and clients will show that you are "Feet of clay". First, you cancel the Referrals — 🧐 Then you canceled the exam and the quality of the pictures fell — 😳 Then you remove the .JPG preview — 🤔 Then you resize the Artboard — 🤨 Then you ask to change the save without Artboard enabled — 🤪 Then you suddenly reduce payments by 4 times — 🤡 Now Subscription RPD - $ 0.2 (± 90% of all sales, this is $0.10) Before 1 June it was RPD - $ 0.38 Only Bigstock had worse RPD... but wait, it's also you 🤷‍♂️ — Start dialogue before it's too late! Experience of Fotolia Club taught you nothing 🤦‍♂️
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