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  1. YEEAAAHHH!!! I've got the answer AT LAST and will be deleted in a month! Yahooo! 🥳 Though I'm a bit sad about it, I had a good time here. Once. Long ago. 😅 And what makes me feel the saddest is that I spent a whole month of May putting my portfolio in order. One by one, I revised my images, adding new keywords, removing some, changing the descriptions to more appropriate and for what... 😂 And welcome to my twitter @murasakinoizumi. 😁
  2. No, the form is OK, I just made this screenshot without filling it full) Anyway, thanks for help! I'll try again later. I will. )
  3. If you mean this, it doesn't work in my case, unfortunately. And I don't know why. I always get answers from SS experts about writing at privacy@shutterstock.com and when I write there nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  4. How do you delete your photos? Not just put them off sale, but delete completely. SS will never respond to my requests, I think, so, I'm going to delete my photos first and wait for my payments later. But I found no option to delete them several at once. Should I delete them one by one? Or maybe there is a way to make it easier?
  5. No, I have to get more than $1 and contact them at privacy@shutterstock.com. That's what is said in the help article: https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/en_US/kbat02/How-do-I-deactivatedelete-my-contributor-account. All I could get from them is vague answers from SS helpers about SS staff being busy with the pandemic and new earning structure situation. Unfortunately, I have not reached the minimum payout, so I can not get it in usual way, as I removed my portfolio from sales in the early june. It's not a big money really, I just want to get what is mine and set off, it's a matter of principle. 🤠
  6. I've notified them three times already. Have got no answer. I think I'll miss SS, I liked it really. My portfolio is not so big, just over 3000 images, and my sales went on rather slowly and it was not my main income all the same. I'm fond of photography and I think I can do without stocks, taking photos for the sake of photos, as I did and do as usual. I just thought once: why not sell it if I can? Someone told me about selling at a photostock and so here I am. And I had a good time. Still, I'm not going to let them get money for my work while I'm getting this. I'm trying with Adobe now. Let's see where it will lead. And welcome to my twitter.
  7. Yes, that is exactly what I've done. So, I think they just ignored me. I'll try again. Thank you)
  8. How can I deactivate my account? I turned sales off but I wish deactivation. I wrote to privacy@shutterstock.com but I have got no answer for about two weeks. What else do I have to do, who can tell me?
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