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  1. lonndubh, Thanks for the input. Each reply helps me understand the current situation better. Timing is everything. Any recommendation on "other solutions?" Jason
  2. I finally have some images on my portfolio. I am becoming way more comfortable with Shutterstock. I keep hearing people ditching the platform due to lower profits. I get that. I am curious to find people who can tell me that they are still making anything more than .10 cents on photos and videos. Not people just ditching the platform. If i understand the way licensing works, if someone buys an enhanced license, then you will make more than .10 cents, correct? Also, if you sell high volume of the "regular" license, you will also make more due to the tier system.
  3. I now have two photos in my profile using the T2i. So, it took me a little while, but with the right lenses, technique, and lighting - I am able to use the body for now. I am still interested in the database search if anyone has information on that. Thanks.
  4. I did actually do some work on the original before I inverted the colors, so that is true - even if you were being funny. If and when I make it into Getty, a Gallery, or have my own website, I would of course want to command more earnings for sure. Maybe someday. That day is not today.....
  5. 1) Thanks. Good quality images are what I am aiming for. I am pushing my current camera system to the max to get quality shots until I can upgrade. 2) Thanks for the information regarding illustrations and reference images. I read up on both after speaking with an expert user and reading shutterstock articles. 3) That makes sense regarding the buyer. That is true of any industry. I try to follow the shot list, but only as time permits and I am decades behind on photo/video work. This was not my profession or hobby. Now it is a hobby (on the side) that may turn into something one day,
  6. I am still reading through upload requirements. However, I am not finding the answer to this generic question. Can we upload and get approved images or videos that have an artistic viewpoint? I know Shutterstock sells illustrations, but I don't work with that medium yet. I have attached a photograph as an example. The image was taken on the west coast near the water. I inverted the colors to make something interesting. Also, if we are able to upload artistic images, do they need to adhere to the same requirements or any at all? For example, if this image is out of focus, does that matter like
  7. Does anyone have an example of this image with blur applied to the sky. I am interested to see what that looks like. If I find time, I will do that, but if it was already done, it would be great to see.
  8. Was this image ever submitted, if so, was it accepted or rejected?
  9. aminkorea, That comes with the territory (the internet). Copyright/theft is always a concern, but I am more interested in rules in general. Posting in the forum vs submission. I think I have what I need and I can read the forums rules again just to be sure. That is a great link and is exactly what I am looking for! Thanks.
  10. aminkorea, I see, without a proper release form, it would be editorial. What if there are too many people to get releases from (like a crowd), they would reject it if you don't submit as editorial or don't have the release forms? Thanks for the help on ethics. I will think about that. Great link thanks. So, what you do think about this scenario, I have lots of images that I would like to ask people for advice on, if there is no sensitive content, but I don't have release forms, I can submit them to the forum without an issue? E.g. I have a picture of a person or building that might
  11. I am looking to talk to anyone who has used a T2i for Stock Photography (any platform, SS, etc.) and/or is still using one right now (any platform, SS, etc.). I have many questions about using this older platform for stock. Feel free to include links to any resources or drop knowledge in the reply. I may upgrade in the future, but that will be a long time now due to the current economic situation. Also, if you don't own this system, is there a way to search the Shutterstock database to find users with that specific camera body? Thanks, Jason
  12. Geogif, I have been alive for a while now + long time internet user. I almost didn't notice the harsh language. I had to read it a few times. I will clarify by saying "plans" on being here in 10 years. There are long time members that have been here much longer than that and although they may have suspected some changes would come one day, they would never have been able to predict with accuracy when and how. So, they kept uploading this entire time - until now of course. Uploading to other sites or trying to reverse the decision are certainly courses of action one could take.
  13. My question is: are there individuals here (just starting or have been doing this for a while) who are going to stick with Shutterstock going forward regardless? I want to chat with those people who are going to stick it out for 10 or 20 years (if Shutterstock is still around). Would like to get into specifics. Thanks.
  14. I have an image that was taken in the UK in the early 2000's. It features several individuals in a public park. I think it is a great photo and let's say for the sake of argument that it is technically sharp and would get accepted. I am trying to determine a few things. 1) Is there a way to share this photo with a person or group that could help provide advice without the photo getting leaked? 2) Should I just upload it and see what happens (I don't have a release for anyone). 3) Is there any reason ethically that I should not post photos from the past or present in public venues where I have
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