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  1. Yes you have to be patient and don't expect to eat more than a few cents at first. I sold my first images a short time ago but I know that I still have to considerably increase my collection!
  2. Hello to the whole shutterstock community I am new here and I appreciate the functionality of the site ! My name is Anthony and I live in the South of France, I am passionate about the sea and the landscapes of nature. I find it soothing and comforting I would like to have your opinion on my small collection and receive your advice and criticism to progress I love the photo, but I am a self-taught and I do not know how to go about presenting the photos. For example, I don't know if my descriptions are relevant, if the tags are interesting or not ... What do you think of my photos ? Do you think I have a place among you ? Thank you in advance !!
  3. Sold for the first time and it's my first sold ever :D South of France scrubland ! https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/path-garigue-provence-south-france-botany-1673139379
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