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  1. From June 1st to today I have exceeded 100 downloads. I should now be at level 2. Why are my photos still getting paid 10 cents?
  2. Perché le foto approvate non compaiono nel mio portfolio? Sono passate 48 ore
  3. You are not the only one to receive more waste lately. Today they rejected me a video 3 times with different reasons. I insisted and on the 4th attempt they approved me. The same happens with the photos. On other agencies they accept them without problems
  4. I find the method of selecting photos taken by the shutterstock team schizophrenic. Most of my photos are rejected with generic and disparate reasons. If I reproduce the same photos at another time, they are accepted. I specify that I use a Nikon D7200 with Nikon 16 80 lens often with tripod. I publish on other microstock sites and the same photos are quietly accepted and sold. This severity is absurd, given the ridiculous compensation of 10 cents per photo.
  5. I am very disappointed with the new employee compensation plan. Now Shoutterstock has a crowd of paid collaborators practically at no cost. And then I ask: why leave now and not on January 1st? It will happen that many efforts to reach the upper level will be canceled in 6 months to start again on January with miserable fees (10 cents for each single photo).
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