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  1. Shuttherstock has a problem. Clients are missing images from deactivated portfolios. Today I received an email to upload a picture to the Shutter :-). ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hi Vlasto, I am sorry to bother you. I have received a request from a customer that currently has a print project ongoing and they really need the following image as they are about to start printing. Would it be possible for you to add it to your Shutterstock account again? This would be much appreciated! Please let me know your feedback and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Name Client Partner BENELUX + DACH Shutterstock /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// So I wrote them that clients can buy my photos in other microstock agencies 🙂
  2. I deactivated my portfolio in early June and now have a sale of $ 3.15.... Shutterstock violates the law !!! ...
  3. My profil detto .... SS removed my icon with the crossed out 10 cents ... the icon cannot be uploaded...
  4. Account Settings - Licensing options - NO !!! I'm going to another agency. If all the contributors do, the buyers will also leave the SS. Only in this way can we save the market. We must do this for our future.
  5. Môj účet nie je aktívny, neodstrániteľný žiadne nové fotografie ani žiadne ďalšie. Ak sa nič nezmení, zruším účet.
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