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  1. Thanks Alex! Yeah, sadly that's my achilles heel! Will try again in the future ; )
  2. I got myself the flexible zoom lens of 18-135mm!! Was using the 16-50 all this time as I'd already invested in 2 primes prior! Am really excited about this new lens!! Excited to make new images with it!
  3. Yeah, I read about the heavy-lifting on your own part to do self-promo … but if I don't try, I won't know! : ) And I really do not want to park my "nicer images" (I could be delusional but it's my personal assessment LOL) at Shutterstock. I didn't know I could make sales at Shutterstock until I registered for an account last Dec, and to date, achieved more than 1000 downloads. So, I guess I gotta start somewhere. I don't mind having them sitting at FAA while I try to promote them when I am able to, and hopefully to be able to make a sale (at more than the usual 0.10!) one day. Coz really, besides uploading them to my gram, what else could my "nicer images" do? Besides residing in my hard disks, they could reside somewhere else at the same time to hopefully generate some pocket money! Wish me luck on this one!
  4. Hi guys! Update on my application to Arcangel! Afraid it's a 'no' for me. Have attached the reply, and the images I'd sent through for their consideration! Interested parties could see what images I used for submission. I know that my images are actually similar to what could be found on their site, so I don't quite agree with the 'not right for [their] collection' feedback. BUT, I also know that my submission lacked sorely in staged compositions, and without a prominent human subject, so I kinda expect the result; I yearned for positive outcome but wasn't confident that it'd happen. I surmised that they don't want more people submitting the same genre over and over again, so it's fair. I get that ; ) Anyhoos, this frees up my waiting to submit (non-microstock images) to FAA! On the positive side, I bought a spanking new Fujifilm zoom lens today with earnings from my Shutter sales! So it kinda offset my heartache there (not all, but major offset hehe)! Maybe I'll try again next year, who knows!
  5. Thank you! I hope to bear good news! 😃
  6. Congrats on your success! They are amazing! I (perhaps) made the mistake of just sending Arcangel the link to my (curated) Instagram account, hoping to "wow" them with the variety and potential (LOL!!!). I have not uploaded many of the images that I love to my Shutter account, save for only a handful (to test the "travel market"); I was very hesitant to upload images that are special to me, and for them to just bring in low amount breaks my heart. I have, however, been slowly shortlisting potentials on the side that I think would fit FAA and AA, although, due to insufficient knowledge on the "exclusivity" of where they could be sold, I refrained from sending them to AA, until I have clarity on how to better strategise with my photos. Also, am not sure if the port I send to AA, are images that would be submission-ready or just for their perusal … too many questions Now feeling slightly down now, coz waiting it out is nerve-wrecking! Well at least I have a batch ready to be sent to them when they send me the dreaded rejection! Also, much thanks to @Studio 2 for creating this post! Have learnt a great deal from the wonderful contributors here! Thanks all! Much love!!! And thanks very much again to @Alexandre Rotenberg for your wonderful blog!
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