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  1. If you all keep your pictures on shutterstock, you are the first one who agreed with their new policy, so, why blame them. They just play their game. It's up to you to accept it or not.
  2. Shutterstock is now making money from the pictures they already have. Anyone who offers their photos for sale negates the efforts of those who have decided to deactivate their portfolio. As long as you keep the photos in the catalog visible, you will help SS to make more money, at least in the near future.
  3. I hope I am wrong. Which actions can we take, except disabling our portfolio or spread the news?
  4. SS is a huge company, it will never fail just because a few of us deleted our portfolio. Maybe they will loose a few million images, but with 300 million images they have, the loss is nothing. In this way they get rid of all the small contributors, and keep only the big ones that can reach higher levels quickly after the January reset, and that in this way are even more motivated (the higher level with the 10 images subscription has been increased). Also, not so many creatives are brave enough to remove their portfolio. Most still think that $0.1 is better than nothing. That is where all the companies of the world win in their slavery politic. The few that fight against the system will never win, because the majority keep silently accepting anything.
  5. I experienced same. They rejected most of my pictures for stupid reasons (usually they were accepted). simply, they do not need more pictures. By giving us $0.1, they get what they wanted, less contributors to manage, and more profit. A win win strategy for them.
  6. If you remove licensing permission from your portfolio, will you be paid what you already earned?
  7. I have removed licensing permission from my portfolio, and my portfolio shows 0 images, but, I noticed that images are still searchable on google, and if I click on them, it seems that I could potentially buy them. Could anyone explain to me how does it work? Can buyers still buy them? Will the earnings go 100% to SS? I do not know well.
  8. Do you think it is also a way for them to get rid of all small contributors, and keep only the big ones? Like professional studios, with potentially higher image quality, compared with many other small contributors.
  9. I wonder how many of us are really going to disable or delete SS portfolio. I would like to see the statistics of this loss of contributors, to see how many really take action against this sh**. Even if I think most of contributors will take it quietly as they did 3 years ago.
  10. When I have time, I will cancel all the pictures on ShutterStock that I also uploaded in other Stock sites. I will leave my account on only with the editorial pictures that has not been accepted elsewhere. I think this is what Shutterstock wants us to do.
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