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  1. I have had the very same experience - a huge drop in sales in Adobe. I think it's because buyers have flocked to SS because many of the same images are so cheap. With all the other depressing factors and loss of income associated with COVID, .10 sales are just adding to that. Think I will delete my account July 1 -- was hanging on through June to see how it went.
  2. I hear everyone. Today I got my first .15 download. I started out at .25 then finally made it to .36. When the notice came out outlining the changes, I was angry. Now, I am really sad that our work sells for even less than when we started and that it would happen at a time when are struggling due to the pandemic. What to do from here that is constructive and could result in change -- not sure. Like everyone else, I work hard on my images, and am truly sad it's come to this. I can get paid more delivering food.
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