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  1. Sure you can. Go to your account settings, find licensing options, tick no for videos. You can disable videos and photos individually.
  2. I sent my e-mail about 5 weeks ago and still only thing I hear is the crickets. This joint really sucks.
  3. Just click the up-arrow of the most relevant keywords on the right to bring them on the top.
  4. Same here. The last couple of months AS have gained momentum for me and the sales have increased. Yes, it's still slower in sheer numbers than SS was, but the fact that one image sold on AS equals ten sold at SS, the total difference is minimal.
  5. Pure theft IMO if this is the case. I have opened a ticket with SS support and was notified that my case was moved to "tier 2 support team". Let's see what happens. At the moment I'm not completely counting out a possibility for some kind of technical glitch.
  6. This happened to me also. I have openly criticised SS after they announced their new earnings structure. I even updated my profile stating that the account won't be updated any longer, please see recent work at AS and P5. Yesterday I tried to access my account but got an error message: Your account has been deactivated. After trying to access my public port I realized that most of my images have disappeared and all criticism against SS have been purged from the profile. Seems like SS is trying to get rid of contributors critical at them. I was going to leave anyway, just wanted to wait until I reached my payment threshold. Now they are making my departure much more easier. Stay tuned, I'm guessing this will be fun.
  7. Just stop uploading to SS and save your efforts for P5.
  8. Grazie per il vostro sostegno e comprensione. I tuoi disegni sono fantastici.
  9. Cheers! Seems like more than 1M photos gone so far. Well done and hopefully this will send some ripples of protest to NY. I’ll join you as soon as I get few more $$ and reach the payment threshold.
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