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  1. Hard to believe that without screenshots that you're average is 0.76. Here, a sample of mine. I average below 20c. This pattern is daily.
  2. I think you're average is irrelevant this month. In order to draw conclusions you need at least a 6 months pattern. Based on everyone's experience you will average below 20c/download.
  3. Do you consider yourself professional by what criteria? Just curious! Is it by the number of photos you take or?
  4. Hey, it's fine. But remember, most of us sell subs. And if you get a good month with many ODs, is just anomalous. I speak this from my own experience. That's why we complain, that's why we are angry and it's a huge drop and is getting worst at the start of each year. And you guys saying things like "we have an agenda of some sorts" is ridiculous, you should be on our side if you respect and love what you do.
  5. Can any of these math geniuses explain to me what am I missing from their calculations? May: 109 Downloads May Earnings: 49.62$ (+ download difference of minimum 0.38cents) = 57.6$ June: 130 Downloads June Earnings: 34.84$ So it's a minimum of 22.76$ loss and realistically around 31$ considering 1 in 10 it's at least an OD. How do these math geniuses calculate a 4% loss it's beyond my comprehension especially when literally EVERYONE is reporting the same thing. Are they trolls? Are they paid by shutterstock, what's their agenda? To annoy the people who worked so hard for 10+ years? I don't know, you tell me.
  6. That's not a relevant situation. I average 500 sales a month and sometimes I make even 70% more with the same number of sales because of ODs or multiple ELs. But I never conclude that my earnings are "higher" than usual, that would be BAD math and I don't usually do that. People said: Most sales are 0.10$ and that's a fact, we can make a small poll here if you don't bother going through the forum and will reveal that universal fact: MOST sales are subscription packs of 350 and 750 downloads/month. I mean, you can literally go on your account history and see that pattern yourself. I have a decent income this month but that is JUST BECAUSE it happened I sold some ELs but from my 10 years experience, considering 3-4 rare ELs as growth is a big mistake. Also, I realized since few days ago that you're keep saying "I made more now than I did... on month X", at least 5 times already. So the truth is, that statement is really not relevant at all to this situation.
  7. It is an insult itself to decide what people do with their files. As I said, some people need an exit route, they can't be impulsive since everything depends on this income. You can't just go and disable it instantly when you invested years and you depend only on this income. They need to attract their customers to a more profitable platform, they need to build a backup first. So again, please refrain from such comments and decide what is "manly" for people to do.
  8. Some people depend on these money, rents to pay, mouths to feed so please refrain yourself from such idiotic comments. Thanks.
  9. I am between 30-45% down. Even calculating all downloads as subscription on the old scheme, I'm still down by a lot! I believe this is a good enough pattern for me to realize the impact of this change and the conclusion is: absolute disaster.
  10. Please stop insisting with the levels, the reset is pointless, the reset has been done one 1st June since 95% sales are subscriptions.
  11. I average 10cents and sometimes 15. I'm not sure it can "plummet" more than this. I just hope Shutterstock has a strategy both for buyers and for us for the next couple of months and it'll compensate eventually. I'm forced to stay positive.
  12. If Shutterstock is the company we all know, I actually have hopes with the change. Here is why: When we had the flat rate, Shutterstock was limited in it's offerings because they had to calculate the flat rate in each pack in order to be profitable and it was quite limited, it was either 350/750. 95% of earnings came through these two subscriptions, at least for me. 0.25 was still a little insulting to be honest. But now, since they are no longer blocked by the flat rate, they can create an endless array of subscriptions at different prices, we could see earnings from 0.10 to 1$ - 2$ - 3$/download in various subscription combinations, I already received some weird amounts. I'm also a stock buyer and I owned a shutterstock account in the last 4 years, I had the 750 one and recently turned to 350 downloads/month and it's still too much for me. Each month I need different amounts of images and I don't like to be constrained with purchasing either 350 or 750, sometimes the work volume is smaller and I prefer 20-50 images, other times 100-150 are fine too. So maybe, just maybe it might turn out well after all. Let's give them a month.
  13. Not sure how a typical day works for you, the people who said earnings are the same... But so far all days look like this one for me:
  14. Can someone please explain which license belongs to each package/subscription model? 0.10 /0.14/0.15/0.30 all in the sub category. I also had 0.12 and 0.13. Really confusing, I have no idea how my files are being sold.
  15. The levels are irrelevant. We all thought we will go from 10cents and climb back to 0.25,0.33,0.36,0.38. Not going to happen. They have cut the earnings for everyone and the levels are just an excuse.
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