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  1. Dont feed trolls, dont get distracted. Their job is to take us away from the main subject and make it personal by pushing or buttons.
  2. This looks like a huge scam from SS. It makes no sense at all, even high level contributors receive LESS. So basically SS just cut all peoples earnings and told us it would be fair? What is it - communism (taking from rich, giving some to poor and the 95% to themselves)?
  3. Wow, amazing works (Супер!). Its a shame to get 0,10 usd for this kind of illustrations.
  4. Not the same, we are voicing our protest and telling them that we are not ok with what they are doing, giving them an opportunity to amend. On the other hand we are not working for SS, we are their providers of content to sell, like Danone puts their yogurts at different supermarkets we are putting our product at their shelves.
  5. Everyone who did not disable their portfolio because they are afraid to lose some money during the protest, dont cry afterwards when you left alone and forced to shut down the business. Specially major production studios. Unless the major production studios already made their own agreements with SS and know that this new payment rates wont affect them.
  6. DONE! If we do not show them that this is unacceptable, they certainly wont care at all. By us disabling the portfolios and making noise, their reputation will be affected and as result their income too!
  7. Incredible, after all the time and effort it took to get at least some small extra income from SS, they are cutting our revenues. The only motivation I get from this, is to stop providing this platform with any fresh editorial content I was providing them for those pennies. Lets see how much good content they will get at this rates, good equipment costs a lot of money and only a full would invest +2k EUR on equipment to get 0,10 eur on the picture.
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