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  1. Hi all, So I emailed in saying I wanted to discontinue my account and that they should delete my account and all its content. They wrote back giving me the two options of: Option 1: Opting out of sales will remove your content from online display, but keep your account active and ensure your earnings payout will be made when you reach the minimum payout level. You will find instructions on how to do so here. Option 2: Deactivate your account. This will remove access to your account and bars participation from our forums. You can usually reactivate in the future by contacting us. I said I wanted option 2, and in addition I didn't want my account deactivated, I wanted it deleted along with all its content. That was a week ago, my account has obviously not been deactivated, let alone deleted. It seems SS is just willfully keeping my account active against my will. I've only just joined, and uploaded a little content, but this new pricing scheme has left me with zero interest in giving 90% of the profits to SS - what's the point? Anyone else having problems? I'm considering contacting the Electronic Frontier Foundation to seek their advice. It's one thing to changing your plan to screw your contributors (it's a free market), it's another to make it impossible to leave and refuse to delete your account.
  2. Lucky Shareholders, they provide so much. No wonder they're valued more than the contributors!
  3. Hi, I'm new here. Reading some threads, am I reading right that if you don't earn over $35.00 a month, you don't get paid at all and SS pockets the cash? Or have I misunderstood and you just have to keep accumulating until you get to $35.00 and then you get paid? If it's the former, that is nothing short of scandalous and I'll be deleting my account again immediately.
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