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  1. Level 4 or 5 is NOT a solution. That's what everyone found out since yesterday. Let's look at the chart again. As you can see 10 cents per image is possible even under Level 6! And with 13 or 16 cents per image you are not getting anywhere better.
  2. I'm not sure they really care about it. Short term goals of the investors is the only thing that matters.
  3. What a vicious circle. Many of us will migrate to another stock site, until it gets bought by the same investors. There is a bug. It's called greed.
  4. Товарищ Осипова, вы еще не поняли что просходит?
  5. The topic is about terminated accounts the contributor no longer has access to. Seems to me in that case they can keep the money.
  6. Nope. Nothing. No private conversations or anything like that. No warnings...
  7. They've disabled my account today. I no longer have access to my images.
  8. Hope they don't. I've deleted many of my images before that, but there are a few left. No longer have access to remove them all.
  9. Financial trouble paying for luxury offices in Empire State Building.
  10. My account has just been disabled. Guess why...
  11. Congratulations, Shutterstok. You can now be part of Top 10 Most Greedy Companies.
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