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  1. Contributors don't care and continue to upload. Is that what we see here?
  2. From the chart we can calculate that the quantity of newly uploaded content since June 2020 is approximately 30 million. That means 4 million new uploads every month despite the robbery taking place. Yes, SS are happy and people no longer believe in collective effort to achieve something.
  3. Yes, looks like it. Move on to another site where it will be even harder to survive. Enjoy capitalism.
  4. As a former trade unionist and I've seen many companies do the same thing SS did. Writing complains to company's chief staff does nothing in most cases and signals get ignored. That's exactly what we witness right now and it's of no surprise to me. But in 'real life' you can also send a complain to a higher authority that the company violates minimum wage laws. All European countries have minimum wage laws and it's a very common procedure. I'm not familiar how things are in other countries though. Is such thing possible in SS case?
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