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  1. I saw that by clicking on your downloaded images it is possible to have a brief information if the image has already been used and how often. This information is not visible on my computer. On other PCs I have seen a banner below the image and immediately above the key word series. Is it a problem with my PC, an update or what else? Who can help me?
  2. Ho visto che cliccando sulle proprie immagini scaricate è possibile avere una stringata informazione se l'immagine eè già stat usata e con quale frequenza. Sul mio computer questea informazione non è visibile. Su altri PC ho visto che un banner sotto l'immagine e subito sopra la serie delle key word. E' un problema del mio PC, di un aggiornamento o che altro? Chi mi può aiutare?
  3. Sorry Kate, I'm waiting for an answer, please...
  4. Hi Kate, Three sales that were made around 7th January were lost. There were three sales for a total of about $ 52, the only ones a bit substantial. What is happening? In this way it is difficult to continue working !! I await a clearing. Thank you
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