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  1. We've been spotted. But, I think instead of listening to us, SS has decided to launch a rebuttal company. Trolls with stupid comments, shopping articles with idiotic conclusions... That sounds like politics. No matter how many trolls praise new payments to publishers from SS, no matter how corrupt commentators try, but the low payment is an objective fact. Praise shit won't make it chocolate. The SS used to be a payout leader. People were happy. So some publishers sold their photos or vectors for a dime on other sites. It was a small salary in addition to the income from the SS. Now that SS started paying a pittance, there's no point in working in this industry.
  2. I have OD sales higher than they were in May.But even so, calculations show that the profit for the month will be at least 30% lower. I realize that there are still few statistics to fully understand the changes. Income is likely to decrease by 35-45% for level 5. 10, 12, 17, 19 cents sales are very disappointing.Even if the income of the month will fall slightly (which I do not believe in), to download good work here will not have the desire of those who decide to stay here.
  3. I worked here for two years downloading files every day. Today is the first day I didn't do it on purpose. I decided not to upload to the SS anymore. I'll wait another month. I'll look for other options to work with. I'll see how much SS brings me in June, but it looks like I'll end up deleting my account here.
  4. What future does SS expect? Now there's just no sense and no perspective. Most publishers will give it up and new ones won't start working for peanuts. Even in poor countries, like my Ukraine.
  5. I was wrong. I'm on level 5, not level 1. There's no desire to work here for that kind of money.
  6. Looks like we're all on level one... Why doesn't shutterstock tell us what level we are on since June 1? We all don't understand what's going on. Shutterstock owes us an explanation of our level.
  7. Since June 1, are we all on level one? How else can we explain such accruals?
  8. There's no point in creating content for that percentage. I don't even want to waste time on downloading.
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